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Who The Heck Is Amanda?

Amanda is the founder of The Coach's Plaza, has generated over $2 million in revenue, primarily through co-created action coaching and courses. Her journey exemplifies the power of perseverance and authentic connection in the coaching and consulting world. With over 17 years of business consulting experience, Amanda Kaufman shifted her focus to transformative client relationships, overcoming personal challenges like social anxiety and body image issues. She rapidly built a successful entrepreneurial coaching company from a list of just eight names, quitting her corporate job in four months and retiring her husband within nine months.

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Current Publications

Coaching Leads Made Easy: The System That Works While You Do What Matters

Get Amanda's latest book for just $4.95! This highly reviewed hilarious book will take the fear right out of meeting your perfect person online for your coaching business, even if you're a complete introvert, want only the best for your clients, and total privacy. Get it now!

The Guide To Automatic Networking: For Coaches, Consultants & High Ticket Course Creators

Amanda has 4 kids AND a Chris, 2 cats, and an obsession with service, and while networking is NECESSARY, she didn't want to have to do it except purely on her terms - hance the AUTOMATIC NETWORKING SYSTEM! Check out all the details in this tell-all guide, yours completely free.

How To Know You're Ready For Advertising

The hustle can be REAL... but what does it take, really, to always have new clients ready? What if you have a whole wrong idea of what advertising really is? Turns out most new biz owners do!

Being "All Organic" is great for spinach, but not so good for being a long-term coach. Find out why in this free downloadable book. Enjoy!

Our Services & Programs


Be The CEO of Your Own Coaching Business Without The Overwhelm...

You are wildly intelligent and have studied hard to be an incredible coach for others. But does your income match your impact?

The Coach's Plaza Programs are designed to meet you where you are, whether it's the ground floor of the Plaza where you are mustering the courage and building your foundationsvia the Courageous Coach Club, or you're already a rock 'n' roll CEO at the top of the Plaza creating Alchemy in the Mastermind or working privately with Amanda. Read more...


Giving You TIME Freedom With Lead Flow & Management Systems

With 4 kids, a Chris, and our own personal growth and development to attend to in this season of life, we had to find the right tools to do the job. On the journey, we tested all the top software available before making recommendations to our clients. We offer whitelabeled solutions, templates, and now, we will even do design and implementation for you! Read more...


Leadership & High Performance Coaching, Speaking, and Training

Goodbye boring leadership talks or tired recommendations of everything you've already tried before as a high performer. You're smart, you've read the books, you've tried so many things and if it was THAT easy, you'd have already done it! That's why Amanda's Leadership & High Performance services are set apart. They're science backed, certified, and, most importantly, her clients rave about their results. Read more...


Marketing & Sales Consulting

Kick yourself out of a "client-getting-coma" with a private 1:1 consult for the price of a coffee while you still can. Amanda has been a secret whisperer in the ears of 7 and 8-figure brand owners for years and if you're ready to hear some challenges to what you've got set up already so that you can finally start seeing some flow and far more "heck yes" while staying WAY bright above ethical lines and technicalities... Well, let's talk about it. From micro-sales up to multi-million dollar negotiations, Amanda's career has been centered around sales, procurement, and all sides of the negotiation table, and for a limited time, her coffee card is available in exchange for a 20 minute sit-down with you.


What can you help me with the most?

We specialize in helping entrepreneurially driven experts get more traction with their coaching and expert programs by teaching more effective CEO focus on marketing, sales, financial management, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial attitude to improve your results. Depending on your focus and desires, we have programs for the "Coach Curious" all the way up to the significantly committed 7-Figure CEO Coach with teams, and we have developed programs and support for all. We spend most of our time working with those building their first 6-figure year, and have supported several 7-figure businesses so far.

What industries have you worked with?

We've worked with everything from executive coaching, performance, energy healing, to dog training, relationships, and financial coaching! Since our focus is on you, the business owner, we have experience with many different industries, and even more generally-focused business owners.

Can you provide examples of success stories from the work you've done?

Certainly! We have a portfolio of successful case studies that have achieved remarkable results for our clients. While each story is unique, we'd be happy to share case studies and examples that align with your industry and goals to demonstrate the impact of our programs in driving your business goals such as more quality leads, more sales, and greater confidence as a business owner!


Amanda will kick you out of your client generation coma, and give you real results.


Amanda gives you what you need to build a real coaching business that actually earns you money! My business went from almost zero to a comfortable living, and is growing all the time.


Amanda offers REAL solutions to operate a REAL coaching business, not a get-rich-quick scheme. A rare gem!


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